Title: Acting Out #14, Author: Laurie Halse Anderson
Title: The Good Dinosaur: The Junior Novelization Sampler, Author: Suzanne Francis
Title: The Jungle Book, Author: Rudyard Kipling
Title: Dino Is Bored, Author: S. Jessen
Title: Don't Judge An Alligator By Its Teeth! (Benjamin's Adventures, #1), Author: Kevin Ocasio
Title: The Lost World, Author: Arthur Conan Doyle
Title: The Wind in the Willows, Author: Kenneth Grahame
Title: A Home for Hilly, Author: Hill's Pet Nutrition
Title: Dudley the Dinosaur: Short Stories, Games, Jokes, and More!, Author: Uncle Amon
Title: If I Ran the Circus, Author: Dr. Seuss
Title: In the Jungle: Short Story, Games, Jokes, and More!, Author: Uncle Amon
Title: Charlotte's Web, Author: E. B White
Title: There's a Baby Animal... (Animal Rhyming Books For Children, #5), Author: IP Factly
Title: The One and Only Ivan, Author: Katherine Applegate
Title: Mercy Watson to the Rescue (Mercy Watson Series #1), Author: Kate DiCamillo
Best Books of 2020
Title: The One and Only Bob, Author: Katherine Applegate
Title: Just So Stories (Audio-eBook), Author: Kipling
Title: Oz Wimbly and the Elephant Rebellion, Author: Nick Pirog
Title: Dinosaurs Before Dark (Magic Tree House Series #1), Author: Mary Pope Osborne
Title: Winter of the Crystal Dances, Author: Angela Dorsey

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