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Title: John Lee Hooker Sings Blues, Artist: John Lee Hooker
Title: Number Ones of the 1960s: Best of Rhythm & Blues, Artist:
Title: Original Blues, Artist: Bubber Johnson
Title: More Blues Rockin', Artist: Wynonie Harris
Title: Reunited, Artist: Highway 101
Title: Howlin' Mercy, Artist: John Campbell
Title: Dame Dreaming, Artist: Bill Doggett
Title: Bluegrass Rules!, Artist: Ricky Skaggs
Title: Never Learned to Dance, Artist: Robbie O'Connell
Title: Somebody Touched Me, Artist: Carl Story
Title: Got My Mojo Working, Artist: B.B. King
Title: Why I Sing the Blues, Artist: B.B. King
Title: Soul Legend, Artist: Bobby
Title: Truckin' Favorites, Artist: Charlie Moore
Title: Face 2 Face Lie, Artist: Alfie Fraction
Title: 30 Fiddler's Greatest Hits: By the World's Great Fiddle Players, Artist:
Title: Fiesta Rengue Live, Artist:
Title: 20 Bluegrass Originals, Artist: Reno Brothers
Title: The Essential Bill Monroe and His Blue Grass Boys (1945-1949), Artist: Bill Monroe
Title: I Am the Blues, Artist: Willie Dixon

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