Title: The Grand Duel [Blu-ray]
Title: Ace High [Blu-ray]
Title: Cemetery Without Crosses [2 Discs] [Blu-ray/DVD]
Title: Django, Kill ... If You Live, Shoot! [Blu-ray]
Title: Boot Hill
Title: The Hellbenders [Blu-ray]
Title: Get Mean [Blu-ray]
Title: The Specialists [Blu-ray]
Title: Man of the East [Blu-ray]
Title: The 5-Man Army!
Title: The Man Called Noon [Blu-ray]
Title: The Hills Run Red [Blu-ray]
Title: Kill Them All and Come Back Alone [Blu-ray]
Title: Bad Man's River
Title: Doc West
Title: Blindman
Director: Ferdinando Baldi
Title: Any Gun Can Play
Title: China 9, Liberty 37
Director: Monte Hellman
Title: A Bullet for the General
Title: God Forgives I Don't

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