Title: Air Battles of World War II
Title: Foyle's War: The White Feather
Title: China Sky
Director: Ray Enright
Title: The Counterfeiters
Title: Foyle's War: Eagle Day
Title: The Soldier and the Lady
Title: D.W. Griffith's Hearts of the World
Title: The American St. Nick
Title: Indignation
Director: James Schamus
Title: The Spanish Earth
Title: Dick Winters: Hang Tough
Title: Redacted
Director: Brian De Palma
Title: Secrets of the Dead: Resurrecting Richard III
Title: John Loves Mary
Director: David Butler
Title: Battle of the Warriors
Title: The Guardians
Title: We Go in at Dawn
Director: Ben Mole
Title: The Wereth Eleven
Title: 1942: Unknown Battle
Title: Parachute Battalion

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