Title: How to Turn $100 into $1,000,000: Earn! Invest! Save!, Author: James McKenna
Title: Money Hungry (Coretta Scott King Author Honor Title), Author: Sharon G. Flake
Title: It Happened on Saturday, Author: Sydney Dunlap
Title: Max Einstein Saves the Future (Max Einstein Series #3), Author: James Patterson
Title: The Cabinet of Wonders (The Kronos Chronicles Series #1), Author: Marie Rutkoski
Title: The Crimson Skew (Mapmakers Trilogy #3), Author: S. E. Grove
Title: The Glass Sentence (Mapmakers Trilogy #1), Author: S. E. Grove
Title: Talking Leaves, Author: Joseph Bruchac
Title: The Golden Specific (Mapmakers Trilogy #2), Author: S. E. Grove
Title: Grimm's Fairy Tales, Author: Brothers Grimm
Title: Stuff We All Get, Author: K. L. Denman
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Title: The Heights, the Depths, and Everything in Between, Author: Sally Nemeth
Title: Bio-pirate, Author: Michele Martin Bossley
Title: The Map That Breathed, Author: Melanie Gideon
Title: Rat Rule 79, Author: Rivka Galchen
Title: Arctic Son, Author: Jean Craighead George
Title: Queen of Likes (Mix Series), Author: Hillary Homzie
Title: The Secret Sea, Author: Barry Lyga
Title: Half-Moon Investigations, Author: Eoin Colfer
Title: Rat Rule 79: An Adventure, Author: Rivka Galchen

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