Title: Mermaid Stories, Author: Mary Smith
Title: Questions 4 Kids What Is Real Or Fake 25, Author: James Charneski
Title: Celebrity Vegetables, Author: Ricardo Aardal
Title: Cautious Billy, Author: Angela Hope
Title: Lovie and Bibs and the Mermaids in the Mud Puddle, Author: Alicia Ranney
Title: Patri and the seagulls, Author: Aurea-Vicenta Gonzalez
Title: Lost Lucy, Author: William Forde
Title: Little Bad Wolf, Author: Peter Reynolds
Title: The Boy Who Liked to Imagine, Author: Cally Finsbury
Title: Wilhelmina, Author: Tina Friesen
Title: The Playbill (Circus Quest Series Book 1), Author: Maureen Crisp
Title: Little Comics for Little Readers: Miss Pat, Author: Gloria Lapin
#9 in Series
Title: Find Your Hero Chapter Sampler: Excerpts from six of our stellar 2015 hero-themed middle-grade titles!, Author: Kevin Sands
Title: Fiona the Hippo Activity Kit, Author: Zondervan
Title: Cave of Discovery, Author: Steven Larson
Title: Kitti The Cat, Author: Esther Chen
#1 in Series
Title: Waneta Walrus And Her Blue Tu-tu, Author: Jean Ingellis
Title: When Your Parent Has Cancer: A Guide for Teens: A Guide for Teens, Author: National Cancer Institute (U.S.)
Title: Tania's Diwali Celebration, Author: Kanika G
#11 in Series
Title: Monkey Mayhem, Author: Alex Leader

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