Title: The Old Curiosity Shop, Author: Charles Dickens
Title: Lotsa, the Rainbow-coloured Octopus, Author: Grandma Quack Quack
Title: Oliver Twist: Vol. II (of 3), Author: Charles Dickens
Title: A House of Pomegranates, Author: Oscar Wilde
Title: A Child's Garden of Verses: With Color Illustrations by Jessie Wilcox Smith, Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
Title: The Adventures of Finn and the Treasure, Author: Mimi Mulvey
Title: The Vampyre, Author: John William Polidori
Title: The Darkside of the Woods, Author: Walter C. Kilgus
Title: Frankenstein, Author: Mary Shelley
Title: Sapphire - A collection of Love chronicles, Author: Sagarika Priyadarshanee
Title: American Notes, Author: Charles Dickens
Title: Writer's Notebook Lv B (4c) (i1000), Author: Shell Education
Title: North and South, Author: Elizabeth Gaskell
Title: Spontendor-The Flying Baby Horse, Author: Yolanta Lensky
Title: Emma, Author: Jane Austen
Title: The Monastery, Author: Walter Scott
Title: WILLIAM THE WULLY-WOP-WORM, Author: Paul Bender
Title: The Price Of Blood, Author: Howard Pyle
Title: The Delicious Tea, Author: Lynnette Edwards
Title: The Original Mother Goose 1916, Author: Blanche Fisher  Wright

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