Title: The Star Realm #1 Avalon Trilogy, Author: Julie Elizabeth Powell
Title: Kratos' Racing Adventure, Author: Brett Droege
Title: Just the Same in Different Ways, Author: Janice Alonso
Title: My Ninjas Want to Know 1 Less to 5, Author: Cally Finsbury
Title: Save Mermaid Kingdom!, Author: Celesta Thiessen
Title: Tye and the Voices in the Storm, Author: Benedict Beaumont
Title: Borris the Cabbage-Corn Kid, Author: R.C.J. Dwane
Title: A Friend With Wings, Author: Esa Myllyla (short stories)
Title: Slow Poke, Author: Elaine Kaye
Title: Arthur Pong and His Smelly Song, Author: Jose Fernandez
Title: What Goes On In Your Head, A Poem About YOU, Author: DannaGrace Global Publishing
Title: Out of Orbit, Author: Ashton Widdison
Title: Shallowford Falls Short Story Collection, Author: Terri Whitmire
Title: Spooky House of Games, Author: Candy J. Moon
2 in Series
Title: Taylor's Party Dilemma, Author: D. R. Whitehead
1 in Series
Title: The Itty Bitty Princess's Lost Toy, Author: Krissie Gault
Title: The Adventures of RJ the Mouse: The Lost Castle, Author: Robby Silk
Title: The Andrew Offerman Chronicles, Vol. I, Author: Mark Joseph
Title: Paramythakia gia Paidia: Oi Apithanes Peripeteies ton Zoon - meros 1, Author: Carl D. Nuttall
Title: Old '49, Author: Pen
by Pen

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