Title: Brothers Are Part of a Family, Author: Lucia Raatma
Title: Zombie King and Other Scary Short Stories for Halloween (Mystery Underground), Author: David Anthony
Title: Simona: the Lovely Princess, Author: Dr. Maria J. Estrada
Title: Santa's Greatest Gift: The Truth about Santa's Identity Wrapped in the Spiritual Meaning of Christmas, Author: Rebecca Whitecotton
Title: Blue Troll's Broken Berry Rod, Author: Annabel Schiøtz
Title: Lovie and Bibs and the Mermaids in the Mud Puddle, Author: Alicia Ranney
Title: The Boo Club Book 1: The Haunted Mansion, Author: Dr. MC
by Dr. MC
Title: Spike the Dinosaur, Author: Uncle Amon
Title: The Book Of Elves, Author: W.Wm. Mee
Title: The Squirrels of Summer, Author: Robert C. Mason
Title: 7 Pillars of Wisdom., Author: Geoffrey Maina
Title: Dancing Della Finds Her Hat, Author: Maxwell Grantly
Title: Diary of an Abducted Space Seed, Author: Debbie McKelvey
Title: The Fluff's, Author: Martin Hancox
Title: Sandman, Author: Sandra Dess
Title: The House Down the Street, Author: Ananya Das
Title: Daft Lad & The 5 Hills Challenge, Author: Richie Neville
Title: Fighting Tom (Jerry the Kat series), Author: Carolyn Lis
Title: Crenshaw Chapter Sampler, Author: Katherine Applegate
Title: The Race, Author: J.A. Paul

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