Title: Bette Davis, Author: Grace May Carter
Title: How To Become An Actor - The Best and Current Tips Available on Becoming an Actor, Author: Michele Ehlers
Title: Bogart: In Search of My Father, Author: Stephen Humphrey Bogart
Title: Moving Pictures: An Autobiography, Author: Ali MacGraw
Title: Chuck Connors: The Man Behind the Rifle, Author: David A. Fury
Title: How To Go From Extra To ACTOR, Author: Ro Brooks
Title: ACTING LIONS, Author: Penny Templeton
Title: The Work of an Actor, Author: Michael Woolson
Title: Free Fire Zone: A Playwright's Adventures on the Creative Battlefields of Film, TV, and Theater, Author: Theresa Rebeck
Title: The Unofficial Daniel Radcliffe Biography, Author: Gene Reynolds
Title: The Unofficial Steve Martin Biography, Author: Lester Jones
Title: Acting in Terezin, Author: Vlasta Schonova
Title: How To Be The Next Top Model: 19 Secrets Revealed By A Professional Modeling Instructor That You Must Know To Succeed In Modeling, Author: Colleen M. Jansen
Title: The Assassin's Brother: The Tragedies of Edwin Booth, Author: Rebecca Wallace
Title: Matt Damon: The Bourne Superstar, Author: Red Vance
Title: Kate Winslet: Star Personal and Profissional Details Exposed, Author: Rocky Oreando
Title: The Other Thief: an Easter Sunday Monologue, Author: Geno Allen
Title: Secrets To Make Your Broadway Dream A Reality: ACTing the song, Author: Stephen Horst
Title: Broadway's Best - The Most Successful Shows In History, Author: Matt Majszak
Title: The Audition Room, Author: Sharon Sorrentino

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