Title: Rearview, Author: Meghan O'Flynn
Title: The Novice Ghost Hunter, Author: Martin J. Best
Title: Safer at Home, Author: Zoe Cannon
Title: Midnight Drearies Vol.1, Author: Tom Balko
Title: Deadfall, Author: Victoria M. Patton
Title: American Alchemy: Gold, Author: Oliver Altair
Title: Awake By Night, Author: Erica Damon
Title: The Ones Who Are Waving, Author: Glen Hirshberg
Title: Typhoid Mary, Author: Charlie Dalton
Title: We See You, Author: Miki Ward
Title: The Unbeliever: A Morbid Tale, Author: Zachery Miller
Title: Fatal Traditions, Author: Ann Charles
Title: Cryptic Consequences, Author: Lori R. Lopez
Title: The Dead Woods, Author: Daniel Parsons
Title: Creep, Author: Lori R. Lopez
Title: The Long Way Home, Author: Richard Chizmar
Title: Laughter at the Academy, Author: Seanan McGuire
Title: Dragon's Fang Zombie Hunter Mission One, Author: Alexander Bettin
Title: Last Guard Standing, Author: Heather Dowell
Title: Walking Alone: Short Stories, Author: Bentley Little

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