Title: Cutthroat Cupcakes, Author: Cate Lawley
Title: True Confections: An Amish Cupcake Cozy Mystery, Author: Ruth Hartzler
Title: Miss Spelled, Author: Morgana Best
Title: Witches' Brew, Author: Morgana Best
Title: Of Potions and Portents, Author: Nyx Halliwell
Title: If She Knew (A Kate Wise Mystery, Book 1), Author: Blake Pierce
Title: Raina Sun Mystery Box Set Vol 1 (Books 1-3), Author: Anne R. Tan
Title: Tempest in the Tea Leaves (A Sunny Meadows Mystery, #1), Author: Kari Lee Townsend
Title: Die Noon, Author: Elise Sax
Title: In for a Penny: A Humorous Amateur Sleuth Cozy Mystery, Author: Kelsey Browning
Title: DAISY MORROW Super-sleuth!, Author: R. T. Green
Title: Live and Let Diet, Author: Morgana Best
Title: Publishable By Death, Author: ACF Bookens
Title: Destiny's A Witch, Author: Lucy May
Title: Small Town Taxi, Author: Harriet Rogers
Title: What the Cat Knew, Author: P. D. Workman
Title: Secrets, Spells & Murder, Author: Janni Nell
Title: But Wait, Theres Myrrh, Author: Morgana Best
Title: Dead Witch on a Bridge, Author: Gretchen Galway
Title: A Set of Sisters, Author: Melissa F. Miller

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