Title: Calm Down!: Step-by-Step to a Calm, Relaxed, and Brilliant Family Dog (Essential Skills for a Brilliant Family Dog Series #1), Author: Beverley Courtney
Title: Miranda and Me, Author: Peggy Hart
Title: Dog Soldiers: Part 1 of 3: Love, loyalty and sacrifice on the front line, Author: Isabel George
Title: Letters From Cats: Hilarious & Heartfelt Notes, Author: Stacey Ritz
Title: Dog Training: 10 Steps To A Perfect Dog, Author: Paw Lifestyles
Title: 365 Fascinating Facts You Didn't Know About Your Cat, Author: Peter Scottsdale
Title: The Cat Rescue Diaries: 56 True Life Stories of Cats Who Found Their Forever Homes, and the People Who Saved Them, Author: Kurt Schmitt
Title: The Life and Times of Jumbo and his Girl Lydia, Author: Jean Marano
Title: Dog Training: Strategic Dog Training Tips For A Well-Trained, Obedient, and Happy Dog (Dog Training Series, #1), Author: Michael Kenssington
Title: Dog Breeds: Top 20 Dog Breeds: Everything About Health, Temperament, Training and Grooming, Author: Puppies4all.com
Title: Bizarre Cat Facts: Strange & Unusual Things About Kitties, Author: Peter Scottsdale
Title: Astrology For Pets - Part 2 (Astrology For Everyone series), Author: Juliet Atherton
Title: Insights Into Dog Behavior, Author: Jaimie Scott
Title: The Working Chicken, Author: Anna Hess
Title: Potty Training for Service Dogs, Author: Sarah Anderson
Title: Horse Lovers Colorful Cartoons, Author: Jasmine Taylor
Title: The Egg and You, Author: Donna West
Title: Cats on the Keyboard: Real Life Cat Stories by 14 Historical Romance Authors, Author: Michele Stegman
Title: Self-Carriage: A Book to Make Horse Training and Riding Easy (Train Your Eye, #1), Author: Eloise King
Title: Pamper Your Dog, Author: NISHANT BAXI

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