Title: Confessions of an Insignificant Family, Author: Amanda Wright
Title: Miranda and Me, Author: Peggy Hart
Title: Mark Twain Anecdotes and Quotes, Author: David Bruce
Title: 400 Fresh Clean Jokes For Everyone, Author: V. Subhash
Title: Letters From Cats: Hilarious & Heartfelt Notes, Author: Stacey Ritz
Title: ?????? ??? ???????? ? ?????? ????????, Author: ????? ??????????
Title: Cupcakes Are Not a Diet Food, Author: Brenda Kennedy
Title: 100+ Insults, Author: LOL Funny Jokes Club
Title: Men Are Like Pantyhose - They Either Run, Cling or Don't Fit in the Crotch, Author: Lanie Stevens
Title: 151+ Blonde Jokes!, Author: LOL Funny Jokes Club
Title: American Fascism: A German Writer's Urgent Warning To America, Author: Oliver Markus Malloy
Title: The Official Social Distancing Joke Book; These Jokes Will Keep People Six (or More) Feet Away, Author: Rob Loughran
Title: Best Adult Jokes 2016 - Too Funny!, Author: John Dojt
Title: One Lousy Pirate: Travels in the Caribbean, Author: Doug Walsh
Title: A Man Walks Into a Bar....A Compendium of Filthy, Uncouth, Lewd, Lusty and Lascivious Jokes. Written, Compiled. Borrowed and Stolen by Rob Loughran, Author: Rob Loughran
Title: The Ridiculously Divine Comedy: A Sample of True Tall Tales, Author: Torry Martin
Title: LOL, Author: LOL Funny Jokes Club
Title: The Funniest Five Thousand Jokes, Part 1, Author: Eric Landa
Title: The Best of Pointless Conversations, Author: Scott Tierney
Title: Bad Parenting, Author: Kris Aguilar

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