Title: Death in Paradise, Author: J.E. Trent
Title: Left To Die (An Adele Sharp Mystery--Book One), Author: Blake Pierce
Title: Tell Me No Lies, Author: Rachel Branton
Title: Death is in the Details, Author: Heather Sunseri
Title: The Missing Children, Author: M. A. Comley
Title: A Book of Truths, Author: Ty Hutchinson
Title: The Governess Gambit, Author: Erica Ridley
Title: A Cold Dark Place, Author: Toni Anderson
Title: The Dentist, Author: TIM SULLIVAN
Title: Next To Disappear, Author: Malcolm Richards
Title: Bed of Bones (Sloane Monroe Series #5), Author: Cheryl Bradshaw
Title: The Perfect Wife (A Jessie Hunt Psychological Suspense ThrillerBook One), Author: Blake Pierce
Title: Love and Danger, Author: Susan Stoker
Title: If She Knew (A Kate Wise MysteryBook 1), Author: Blake Pierce
Title: Serenity, Author: Craig A. Hart
Title: Gray Matter (Thomas Prescott Series #2), Author: Nick Pirog
Title: The Perfect Stranger, Author: Charlotte Byrd
Title: Face of Death (A Zoe Prime MysteryBook 1), Author: Blake Pierce
Title: Agent Zero (An Agent Zero Spy ThrillerBook #1), Author: Jack Mars
Title: Wrong Place (DI Sally Parker Series #1), Author: M. A. Comley

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