Title: The Bachelor, Author: Carly Phillips
Title: Lost without You, Author: Lea Coll
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Title: The School Mistress, Author: Tess Thompson
Title: Small Town Perfect Boxed Set 1, Author: Mary Campisi
Title: Texas Secrets, Author: Jean Brashear
Title: Tea for Three: A heartwarming story about life, love, and true friendship, Author: Melissa Crosby
Title: Sweet Spot, Author: Amy Knupp
Title: Heather, Author: Chris Keniston
Title: Bayside Desires, Author: Melissa Foster
Title: The Heartwood Sea, Author: Elana Johnson
Title: Alaskan Dawn, Author: Edie Claire
Title: There Goes My Heart (Maine Sullivans 2), Author: Bella Andre
Title: Aloha Texas: Beach Read Edition, Author: Chris Keniston
Title: Since I Fell For You (New York Sullivans), Author: Bella Andre
Title: Breakfast at The Beach House Hotel, Author: Judith Keim
Title: If You Were Mine (Sullivans Series #5), Author: Bella Andre
Title: All of Me: A Small Town Romance, Author: Leeanna Morgan
Title: Her Long Walk Home, Author: Linda Barrett
Title: Adam, Author: Chris Keniston
Title: It Must Be Your Love: Seattle Sullivans 2 (Contemporary Romance), Author: Bella Andre

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