Title: Trapped: How the World Rescued 33 Miners from 2,000 Feet Below the Chilean Desert, Author: Marc Aronson
Title: Lost City: The Discovery of Machu Picchu, Author: Ted Lewin
Title: Machu Picchu: The Lost Civilization, Author: Christina Leaf
Title: Buried Beneath Us: Discovering the Ancient Cities of the Americas, Author: Anthony Aveni
Title: Who Was Che Guevara?, Author: Ellen Labrecque
Title: The Quest for Z: The True Story of Explorer Percy Fawcett and a Lost City in the Amazon, Author: Greg Pizzoli
Title: Venezuelan Heritage, Author: Tamra B. Orr
Title: DK Readers: Terror on the Amazon: The Quest For El Dorado, Author: Phil Gates
Title: El violin de Ada (Ada's Violin): La historia de la Orquesta de Instrumentos Reciclados del Paraguay, Author: Susan Hood
Title: Collapse and Chaos: The Story of the 2010 Earthquake in Haiti, Author: Jessica Freeburg
NOOK Book $5.99 $6.95 Current price is $5.99, Original price is $6.95.
Title: Brazil: Discover Pictures and Facts About Brazil For Kids! A Children's Brazil Book, Author: Bold Kids
Title: Where Is Machu Picchu?, Author: Megan Stine
Title: Let's Look at Brazil, Author: Joy Frisch-Schmoll
Title: Bolivia, Author: Lisa Owings
Title: Pelé: The King of Soccer, Author: Eddy Simon
Title: Gold Silver and Spice, Author: Barbara Westphal
Title: South America eBook, Author: Risa Brown
NOOK Book $24.99 $32.79 Current price is $24.99, Original price is $32.79.
Title: Brazil, Author: Marty Gitlin
Title: Ecuador, Author: Lisa Owings
Title: Fidel Castro - A Short Biography for Kids, Author: Josephine Madden

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