"The Death of Jane Lawrence" by Caitlin Starling

This Crimson Peak-inspired story will leave readers shaken, desperate to begin again as soon as they are finished. The Death of Jane Lawrence will continue to haunt you long after you leave Lindridge Hall…if the house lets you leave, that is.

This Month's Pick: Out of Love

For anyone who has loved and lost, and lived to tell the tale, this gorgeously written debut is a love story told in reverse, a modern novel with the heart of a classic: truthful, tragic, and ultimately full of hope.

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New from Jodi Picoult

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Wish You Were Here

by Jodi Picoult

Diana had her life planned and on track, but when a virus detains her boyfriend from their romantic Galapagos getaway, Diana finds herself alone on the island. You’ll want to take new risks after reading this inspiring tale.

Pre-Order Wish You Were Here available November 30, 2021.