James McBride is the bestselling author of The Heaven & Earth Grocery Store, the Barnes & Noble 2023 Book of the Year Winner. McBride's other notable works include Deacon King Kong, the National Book Award–winning The Good Lord Bird, the American classic The Color of Water, the novels Song Yet Sung and Miracle at St. Anna, the story collection Five-Carat Soul, and Kill 'Em and Leave, a biography of James Brown. The recipient of a National Humanities Medal and an accomplished musician, McBride is also a distinguished writer in residence at New York University.

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El pájaro carpintero / The Good Lord Bird Pre-Order Now
by James McBride
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Title: El color del agua: Tributo de un hombre negro a su madre blanca / The Color of Water: A Black Man's Tribute to His White Mother, Author: James McBride