Elizabeth Haydon (b. 1965) is an American author of fantasy novels best known for two series set within the same universe: Symphony of Ages (for young adults) and The Lost Journals of Ven Polypheme. An enthusiast of music, anthropology, herbalism and folklore, she blends her love of these topics into her books. Haydon is also a harpist and madrigal singer.


The Hollow Queen: The Symphony of Ages
The Weaver's Lament: The Final Adventure in The Symphony of Ages
The Merchant Emperor: The Symphony of Ages
The Dragon's Lair
The Thief Queen's Daughter: Book Two of The Lost Journals of Ven Polypheme
The Weaver's Lament
The Merchant Emperor
Prophecy: Child of Earth
Rhapsody: Child of Blood
Destiny: Child of the Sky
The Assassin King (Symphony of Ages Series #6)
The Symphony of Ages: The Complete Series
Elegy for a Lost Star
Requiem for the Sun: A New Adventure in the Symphony of Ages
The Tree of Water

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Title: The Lost Journals of Ven Polypheme: The Floating Island, The Thief Queen's Daughter, and The Dragon's Lair, Author: Elizabeth Haydon
Title: Tochter des Feuers: Die Rhapsody-Saga 3, Author: Elizabeth Haydon

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