Title: Civil Rights in Wartime: The Post-9/11 Sikh Experience, Author: Dawinder S. Sidhu
Title: Organizing the South Bronx / Edition 1, Author: Jim Rooney
Title: Emigré New York: French Intellectuals in Wartime Manhattan, 1940-1944, Author: Jeffrey Mehlman
Title: Eyes On City Hall: A Young Man's Education In New York City Political Warfare, Author: Evan Mandery
Title: Reclaiming the Sky: 9/11 and the Untold Story of the Men and Women Who Kept America Flying, Author: Tom Murphy
Title: The Paradoxes of Peacebuilding Post-9/11, Author: Stephen Baranyi
Title: Reconstructing Times Square: Politics and Culture in Urban Development / Edition 1, Author: Alexander J. Reichl
Title: Little New York Bastard: A Memoir, Author: M. Dylan Raskin
Title: Old New York in Early Photographs, Author: Mary Black
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eBook $17.49 $22.95 Current price is $17.49, Original price is $22.95.
Title: Seduction, Prostitution, and Moral Reform in New York, 1830-1860, Author: Larry Whiteaker
eBook $33.99 $45.00 Current price is $33.99, Original price is $45.00.
Title: Nightclub City: Politics and Amusement in Manhattan, Author: Burton W. Peretti
Title: The Long Day: The Story of a New York Working Girl. / Edition 1, Author: Dorothy Rlchardson
Title: Unfinished People: Eastern European Jews Encounter America, Author: Ruth Gay
Title: Figures in Stone: Architectural Sculpture in New York City, Author: Robert Arthur King
Title: Before the Melting Pot: Society and Culture in Colonial New York City, 1664-1730, Author: Joyce D. Goodfriend
Title: Nearest Thing to Heaven: The Empire State Building and American Dreams, Author: Mark Kingwell
Title: Still Pitching, Author: Michael Steinberg
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Title: To Save China, To Save Ourselves: The Chinese Hand Laundry Alliance of New York, Author: Renqiu Yu
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Title: Black and White Manhattan: The History of Racial Formation in Colonial New York City, Author: Thelma Wills Foote
Title: Sea Gate Remembered: New York City's First Gated Community, Author: Arnold Rosen
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