Title: First Car Smarts, Author: Daniel E. Harmon
Title: American Railroads in the Nineteenth Century (Greenwood Guides to Historic Events, 1500-1900), Author: Augustus J. Veenendaal
Title: Cars in America, Author: Roman Espejo
Title: Renewable Energy, Author: David M. Haugen
Title: Hybrid and Electric Cars, Author: Louise I. Gerdes
Title: Women Aviators: 26 Stories of Pioneer Flights, Daring Missions, and Record-Setting Journeys, Author: Karen Bush Gibson
Title: Aviation High School Facilitator Guide: Teach Science, Technology, Engineering and Math through an Exciting Introduction to the Aviation Industry, Author: Sarah K. Anderson
Title: La course de petits bateaux, Author: Fred Pellerin
Title: Titanic, Author: Lisa J Amstutz
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Title: Cell Phones and Driving, Author: Roman Espejo
Title: How Safe is America's Infrastructure?, Author: Louise I. Gerdes
Title: 100 Ships and Planes That Shaped World History, Author: William Caper
Title: A Young Person's Field Guide to Finding Lost Shipwrecks: The Search for the Santisima, Author: Laurie Anne Zaleski
Title: Into the Mist: The Story of the Empress of Ireland, Author: Anne Renaud
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Title: Self-Driving Cars: The New Way Forward, Author: Michael Fallon
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Title: Teen Driving, Author: Michele Siuda Jacques
Title: Senior Citizens and Driving, Author: Tamara Thompson
Title: The Sinking of the Titanic, Author: Tom Streissguth
Title: How To Be a Rocket Scientist: 10 Powerful Tips to Enter the Aerospace Field and Launch the Career of Your Dreams, Author: Brett Hoffstadt
Title: A History of Travel in 50 Vehicles (History in 50 Series), Author: Paula Grey

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