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Title: Broadsword Fencing and Stick or Quarter-Staff Play - After the Latest European Practice Adopted in the Military Schools of France Italy and the United States, Author: Guiseppe Riboni
Title: From Medieval Manuscript to Modern Practice: The Longsword Techniques of Fiore dei Liberi, Author: Guy Windsor
Title: An Improved Sabre Exercise - A Historical Military Article Containing Instructions in Fencing for Mounted and Dismounted Service, Author: H. R. Hershberger
Title: Practical Arnis Stick Fighting: Vortex Control Stick Fighting for Self-Defense, Author: Sam Fury
Title: Practical Escrima Knife Defense: Filipino Martial Arts Knife Defense Training, Author: Sam Fury
Title: An Introduction To Fencing, Author: F. C. Grove
Title: This Is Fencing!: Advanced Training and Performance Principles for Foil, Author: Ziemowit Wojciechowski
Title: How To Fence: Your Step By Step Guide To Fencing, Author: HowExpert
Title: How To Fence, Author: HowExpert
Title: From Last to First: A Parent's Guide to Fencing Success, Author: Jon Salfield
Title: Scherma Corta Sportiva, Author: Gabriele Pini