Title: The Eiger Sanction (Jonathan Hemlock Series #1), Author: Trevanian
Title: Paths of Glory, Author: JEFFREY ARCHER
Title: A Change in Altitude, Author: Anita Shreve
Title: The Mountain Story: A Novel, Author: Lori Lansens
Title: Escape From Kathmandu, Author: Kim Stanley Robinson
Title: Solo Faces, Author: James Salter
Title: Native Air: A Novel, Author: Jonathan Howland
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The Ascent Of Rum Doodle
by W E Bowman
Narrated by  Terry Wale
Audiobook (Unabridged)


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Title: The Wall, Author: Jeff Long
Title: Mysterium: A Novel, Author: Susan Froderberg
Title: Triple Threat, Author: Cynthia J. Leo
Title: Regrettable Summit, Author: Cynthia J. Leo
Title: The Fall: A Novel, Author: Simon Mawer
Title: The Edge of Justice, Author: Clinton McKinzie
#1 in Series
Title: High Time to Kill (James Bond Series), Author: Raymond Benson
Title: Pinnacle Choice, Author: Cynthia J. Leo
Title: A Walking Guide: A Novel, Author: Alan S. Cowell
Title: Badwater, Author: Clinton McKinzie
Title: Crossing the Line, Author: Clinton McKinzie
Title: High-Altitude Doctor, Author: Sarah Morgan
#10 in Series
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