Best of 2024 (So Far)
Title: Head Coach & Virgin Territory: A Hellions Hockey Romance Collection, Author: Lia Riley
#2 in Series
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Title: Sooley (Spanish Edition), Author: John Grisham
Title: Dare Me: A Novel, Author: Megan Abbott
Title: We Ride Upon Sticks: A Novel (Alex Award Winner), Author: Quan Barry
Title: Down, Set, Fight! 10th Anniversary Edition, Author: Chad Bowers
Title: Secrets of the Three Keyed Trunk, Author: Joseph Novak Jr.
Title: The Legend of Pradeep Mathew: A Novel, Author: Shehan Karunatilaka
Title: After the Lights Go Out, Author: John Vercher
Title: Racing the Rain: A Novel, Author: John L. Parker Jr.
Title: A Ball's Game: The Ball Talks, Author: Stefan Mathis
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Shanks for Nothing
by Rick Reilly
Narrated by  Stephen Hoye
Audiobook (Unabridged) $20.00
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Title: CHASING A DREAM: Memoirs of a Golf Professional, Author: Gaines Beard
Title: Stephen Florida, Author: Gabe Habash
Title: Fishing Stories, Author: Henry Hughes
Title: The Baseball Score Book-Notebook for Baseball Lovers, Author: Stephanie Howard
Title: Sports Fiction, July 1948, Author: John D. MacDonald
Title: Out of the Mist: Book Three, Author: B.S. Levy
Title: Race Across the Sky: A Novel, Author: Derek Sherman
Title: Running Red, Author: Noel Conrad
Title: Daily food and Exercise journal: Perfect Meal and Activity Tracker for a Healthy Life 90 Days Plan Meals and Set Diet and Exercise goals Workout Sleep, Author: Karima O'Connor

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