Title: How Music Works, Author: David Byrne
Paperback $23.49 $26.00 Current price is $23.49, Original price is $26.00.
Title: High Bias: The Distorted History of the Cassette Tape, Author: Marc Masters
Title: Wayfaring Strangers: The Musical Voyage from Scotland and Ulster to Appalachia, Author: Fiona Ritchie
Title: Handbook for Folklore and Ethnomusicology Fieldwork, Author: Lisa Gilman
eBook $13.49 $17.99 Current price is $13.49, Original price is $17.99.
Title: Oh, Didn't They Ramble: Rounder Records and the Transformation of American Roots Music, Author: David Menconi
Title: Speak it Louder: Asian Americans Making Music / Edition 1, Author: Deborah  Wong
Title: Everyday Music Listening: Absorption, Dissociation and Trancing, Author: Ruth Herbert
Title: The Kumulipo: A Hawaiian Creation Chant, Author: Martha Warren Beckwith
Title: Magic City: How the Birmingham Jazz Tradition Shaped the Sound of America, Author: Burgin Mathews
Title: Accordion Revolution: A People's History of the Accordion in North America from the Industrial Revolution to Rock and Roll, Author: Bruce Triggs
Title: The Poetry of the Blues, Author: Samuel Charters
Title: How Musical Is Man?, Author: John Blacking
Title: Resonances of Chindon-ya: Sounding Space and Sociality in Contemporary Japan, Author: Mari Abe
Title: Musicology of Religion: Theories, Methods, and Directions, Author: Guy L. Beck
Title: Ethnomusicology: A Very Short Introduction, Author: Timothy Rice
Title: Ethnicity, Identity and Music: The Musical Construction of Place / Edition 1, Author: Martin Stokes
Title: Djoliba Crossing, Author: Dave Kobrenski
Title: Popular World Music, Author: Andrew Shahriari
eBook $75.49 $100.00 Current price is $75.49, Original price is $100.00.
Title: Studies on a Global History of Music: A Balzan Musicology Project, Author: Reinhard Strohm
Title: The New (Ethno)musicologies / Edition 1, Author: Henry Stobart

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