Title: Sarafina And The Not So Wonderful Day, Author: Carol Bacon
Title: Llévame, Author: Mercedes Calvo
Title: Ooopps..., I Know Something!!, Author: ENGGOGIC PUBLICATIONS
Title: The Princess and the Penguins, Author: Rosa Roberts-Johnson
Title: HEIDE LEARNS ABOUT BULLYING, Author: Vicky Stewart
Title: A Forever Friend, Author: Judy Katschke
Title: Poppy in Italian Papavero (bisnonno), Author: Pennel P Irwin
Title: The Old Cookie Jar, Author: Susie Snow
Title: Doodletoot- A Happy Little Basset Hound Dog, Author: Rebecca Darrington
Title: The Little Lizard, Author: Eric Hanson
Title: Bull Head Park, Author: Christine McGeorge
Title: Of Petals and Hope Sonny Sunflower Triumphs Over Bullying, Author: Adam Cafege
Title: Greek Language Poppy, Author: Sharlene D Irwin
Title: The Icky Lunch, Author: Rich Ablondi
Title: The Amazing Sarong, Author: Quek Hong Shin
Title: The Adventures of RINKY-DINKY WINKY-DINK, Author: T.H. Feasel
Title: The Adventures of Trina and the Great Barrett, Author: Robert Gumpertz