Title: How to Be a 3% Man, Winning the Heart of the Woman of Your Dreams, Author: Corey Wayne
Title: The Language of Perversion and the Language of Love, Author: Sheldon Bach
Title: The Phenomenology of Love and Reading, Author: Cassandra Falke
Title: Living Lawfully: Love in Law and Law in Love / Edition 1, Author: Z. Bankowski
Title: Toward a Theology of Eros: Transfiguring Passion at the Limits of Discipline / Edition 4, Author: Virginia Burrus
Hardcover $90.56 $100.00 Current price is $90.56, Original price is $100.00.
Title: Love in America: Gender and Self-Development, Author: Francesca M. Cancian
Title: Together and Lonely: Loneliness in Intimate Relationships Causes and Coping, Author: Ami Rokach
Hardcover $207.00 $230.00 Current price is $207.00, Original price is $230.00.
Title: Andreas Capellanus on Love?: Desire, Seduction, and Subversion in a Twelfth-Century Latin Text, Author: K. Andersen-Wyman
Title: Personality in Intimate Relationships: Socialization and Psychopathology / Edition 1, Author: Luciano L'Abate PhD
Title: Love Online, Author: Jean-Claude Kaufmann
Title: Plato's Erotic World: From Cosmic Origins to Human Death, Author: Jill Gordon
Title: Love and Loss: The Roots of Grief and its Complications, Author: Colin Murray Parkes
Title: Why Love Matters: Values in Governance, Author: Scherto Gill
Title: The Meanings of Love: An Introduction to Philosophy of Love, Author: Robert E. Wagoner
Title: From Impasse To Intimacy / Edition 1, Author: David Shaddock
Title: Communicating Affection: Interpersonal Behavior and Social Context, Author: Kory Floyd
Title: Socrates and Diotima: Sexuality, Religion, and the Nature of Divinity, Author: Andrea Nye
Title: Intimacies, Critical Consumption and Diverse Economies, Author: Yvette Taylor
Title: Ancient Greek Love Magic, Author: Christopher A Faraone
Title: New Philosophies of Sex and Love: Thinking Through Desire, Author: Sarah LaChance Adams

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