Title: Helping Couples on the Brink of Divorce: Discernment Counseling for Troubled Relationships, Author: William J. Doherty PhD
Title: Collaborative Law: Achieving Effective Resolution in Divorce without Litigation / Edition 3, Author: Pauline Tesler
Title: One Hundred Days Before Trial: A Family Lawyer's Guide to Preparation and Strategy, Author: Steven Nathan Peskind
Title: In the Name of the Child: A Developmental Approach to Understanding and Helping Children of Conflicted and Violent Divorce / Edition 2, Author: Janet Johnston PhD
Title: The Parental Obligation: A Study of Parenthood Across Households, Author: Mavis Maclean
Title: Warring Parents, Wounded Children, and the Wretched World of Child Custody: Cautionary Tales, Author: Joseph Helmreich
Title: Remarriage: A Family Affair, Author: L. Messinger
Title: Overcoming Parent-Child Contact Problems: Family-Based Interventions for Resistance, Rejection, and Alienation, Author: Abigail M. Judge
Title: Dissolving Wedlock, Author: Dr Colin Gibson
Title: Dissolving Wedlock / Edition 1, Author: Dr Colin Gibson
Title: Private Acts in Public Places: A Social History of Divorce in the Formative Era of American Family Law, Author: Richard H. Chused
Title: Family Transformation Through Divorce and Remarriage: A Systemic Approach, Author: Margaret Robinson
Title: Changing Families, Changing Responsibilities: Family Obligations Following Divorce and Remarriage / Edition 1, Author: Marilyn Coleman
Title: Mothers and Divorce: Legal, Economic, and Social Dilemmas, Author: Terry Arendell Pre-Order Now
Title: Understanding the Divorce Cycle: The Children of Divorce in their Own Marriages, Author: Nicholas H. Wolfinger
Title: The Consequences of Divorce: Economic and Custodial Impact on Children and Adults / Edition 1, Author: Craig A. Everett
Title: The Process of Divorce: Helping Couples Negotiate Settlements / Edition 1, Author: Kenneth Kressel
Title: What Predicts Divorce?: The Relationship Between Marital Processes and Marital Outcomes / Edition 1, Author: John Mordechai Gottman
Title: Marriage, Divorce, and Children's Adjustment / Edition 2, Author: Robert E. Emery
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Title: Separated and Divorced Women, Author: Lynne C. Halem

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