Title: Taken Into Custody: The War Against Fathers, Marriage, and the Family, Author: Stephen Baskerville
Title: Divorce Without Court: A Guide to Mediation and Collaborative Divorce, Author: Katherine Stoner Attorney
Title: Better Apart: The Radically Positive Way to Separate, Author: Gabrielle Hartley
Title: If You're In My Office, It's Already Too Late: A Divorce Lawyer's Guide to Staying Together, Author: James J. Sexton
Title: Two Homes, One Childhood: A Parenting Plan to Last a Lifetime, Author: Robert E. Emery Ph.D.
Title: Still Points North: One Alaskan Childhood, One Grown-up World, One Long Journey Home, Author: Leigh Newman
Title: Understanding the Divorce Cycle: The Children of Divorce in their Own Marriages / Edition 1, Author: Nicholas H. Wolfinger
Title: Divorce Bootcamp for Low- and Moderate-Income Women (6th Edition), Author: Anna T. Merrill Esq.
Title: Building a Parenting Agreement That Works: Child Custody Agreements Step by Step, Author: Mimi Lyster Zemmelman Ph.D
Title: Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage: Revised and Enlarged Edition / Edition 2, Author: Andrew J. Cherlin
Title: Graceful Divorce Solutions: A Comprehensive and Proactive Guide to Saving You Time, Money, and Your Sanity, Author: M. Marcy Jones J. D.
Title: Mothering from the Inside: Parenting in a Women's Prison, Author: Sandra Enos
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Title: The Myth of the Missing Black Father, Author: Roberta Coles
Title: What It Means to Be Daddy: Fatherhood for Black Men Living Away from Their Children, Author: Jennifer Hamer
Title: The Breakup Bible: The Smart Woman's Guide to Healing from a Breakup or Divorce, Author: Rachel Sussman
Title: Anatomy of Love: A Natural History of Mating, Marriage, and Why We Stray, Author: Helen Fisher
Title: The Vulnverable Hearts Verses 1, Author: Gary James Drewes
Title: Entrapped Emotions ...And The Wisdom Behind Them, Author: J.J. Pires
Title: The Single Mum's Survival Guide: How to Pick Up the Pieces and Build a Happy New Life, Author: Vivienne Smith
Title: Walking With God Through Painful Circumstances, Author: Aliyzah Graceson

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