Title: To Lose the Earth, Author: Kirsten Beyer
Title: A Contest of Principles, Author: Greg Cox
Title: Star Trek #3: The Klingon Gambit, Author: Robert E. Vardeman
Title: Crisis of Consciousness, Author: Dave Galanter
Title: Star Trek #36: How Much for Just the Planet?, Author: John M. Ford
Title: The Captain's Oath, Author: Christopher L. Bennett
Title: Star Trek Deep Space Nine: The Ferengi Rules of Acquisition (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Series), Author: Ira Steven Behr
Title: Star Trek #79: Invasion! #1: First Strike, Author: Shlomo Nakdimon
Title: Star Trek: Picard: The Last Best Hope, Author: Una McCormack
Title: Star Trek: The Next Generation #2: The Peacekeepers, Author: Gene DeWeese
Title: Star Trek #23: Ishmael, Author: Barbara Hambly
Title: Star Trek Voyager: Homecoming #2: The Farther Shore, Author: Christie Golden
Title: Star Trek #20: The Vulcan Academy Murders, Author: Jean Lorrah
Title: Star Trek #50: Doctor's Orders, Author: Diane Duane
Title: Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Unity, Author: S. D. Perry
Title: Star Trek: Discovery: Die Standing, Author: John Jackson Miller
Title: Star Trek #31: Battlestations!, Author: Diane Carey
Title: Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Millennium: Fall of Terok Nor / War of the Prophets / Inferno, Author: Judith Reeves-Stevens
Title: Star Trek Voyager: Endgame, Author: Diane Carey
Title: Star Trek #16: The Final Reflection, Author: John M. Ford

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