Title: 4891 (Russian edition), Author: Iaroslav Zuiev
Title: The Way of Kings, Author: Brandon Sanderson
Title: Persepolis Rising, Author: James A. Corey
Title: The Clan of the Cave Bear, Author: Jean M. Auel
Title: Phantoms, Author: Dean Koontz
Title: Neuromancer; Count zero; Mona Lisa Overdrive; Burning chrome, Author: William Gibson
Title: Interview with the Vampire (Russian Edition), Author: Anne Rice
Title: Galactic Effectuator (in Russian), Author: Jack Vance
Title: Sargasso of Space+Plague Ship+Voodoo Planet+Postmarked the Stars, Author: Andre Norton
Title: The Valley of Horses, Author: Jean M. Auel
Title: Port of Shadows, Author: Glen Cook
Title: Chasm City, Author: Alastair Reynolds
Title: Master of Sorrows, Author: Justin T. Call
Title: SENLIN ASCENDS, Author: Josiah Bancroft
Title: Dumay medlenno. Reshay bystro, Author: Daniel Kahneman
Title: GARDENS OF THE MOON, Author: Steven Erikson
Title: Beast Master's Circus+Beast Master's Quest, Author: Andre Norton
Title: Letat' ili boyat'sya, Author: Ray Bradbury
Title: THE BOOK OF MERLYN (The Once and Future King), Author: T. H. White
Title: Ender's Game (Russian Language Edition), Author: Orson Scott Card

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