Title: We Who Wrestle with God, Author: Jordan B. Peterson Pre-Order Now
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Title: Consciousness Is All There Is: How Understanding and Experiencing Consciousness Will Transform Your Life, Author: Tony Nader Pre-Order Now
Title: The Dragon's Prophecy: Israel, the Dark Resurrection, and the End of Days, Author: Jonathan Cahn Pre-Order Now
Title: Shepherds for Sale: How Evangelical Leaders Traded the Truth for a Leftist Agenda, Author: Megan Basham Pre-Order Now
Title: More Than Enough: The Silent Struggle of a Woman's Identity, Author: Tamra Andress Pre-Order Now
Title: Reconnected: How 7 Screen-Free Weeks with Monks and Amish Farmers Helped Me Recover the Lost Art of Being Human, Author: Carlos Whittaker Pre-Order Now
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Title: A Crown that Lasts: You Are Not Your Label, Author: Demi-Leigh Tebow Pre-Order Now
Title: The Mystics Would Like a Word: Six Women Who Met God and Found a Spirituality for Today, Author: Shannon K. Evans Pre-Order Now
Title: You Lied to Me About God: A Memoir, Author: Jamie Marich PHD Pre-Order Now
Title: Wilted Women: Cultivate a Healthy Body and Stand Tall Once More, Author: Allie Parsons Pre-Order Now
Title: The Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory: American Evangelicals in an Age of Extremism, Author: Tim Alberta Pre-Order Now
Title: The Rational Bible: Numbers: God and Man in the Wilderness, Author: Dennis Prager Pre-Order Now
Title: The Secret Life of Mother Mary: Divine Feminine Power for Personal Healing and Planetary Awakening, Author: Marguerite Mary Rigoglioso Pre-Order Now
Title: Herod and Mary: The True Story of the Tyrant King and the Mother of the Risen Savior (Signed Book), Author: Kathie Lee Gifford Pre-Order Now
Title: Art of War, Author: Sun Tzu Pre-Order Now
Title: The Power of Your Dreams: A Guide to Hearing and Understanding How God Speaks While You Sleep, Author: Stephanie Ike Okafor Pre-Order Now
Title: Nothing Is Wasted: A True Story of Hope, Forgiveness, and Finding Purpose in Pain, Author: Davey Blackburn Pre-Order Now
Title: Even After Everything: The Spiritual Practice of Knowing the Risks and Loving Anyway, Author: Stephanie Duncan Smith Pre-Order Now
Title: Thirsting: Quenching Our Soul's Deepest Desire, Author: Strahan Coleman Pre-Order Now
Title: False Prophets: An Exposition of the Book of Jude, Author: David M. Miller Pre-Order Now

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