Title: The Iliad, Author: Homer
Title: Poems of Sappho, Author: Sappho
Title: When Day is Done, Author: Edgar A. Guest
Title: English Poems, Author: Richard Le Gallienne
Title: The Metamorphoses: Selected Stories in Verse, Author: Ovid
Title: Coleridge's Ancient Mariner and Select Poems, Author: Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Title: Poems 1828, Author: Thomas Gent
Title: Paradise Regained, Author: John Milton
Title: Flint and Feather, Author: E. Pauline Johnson
Title: Under King Constantine, Author: Katrina Trask
Title: The Miracle and Other Poems, Author: Virna Sheard
Title: Poems, Author: John Hay
Title: The Eclogues, Author: Virgil Pre-Order Now
Title: Bout Anba, Author: Jean Venel Casseus
Title: Eclogues and Georgics, Author: Virgil