Title: Gedichte: Eros, Das Königslied, Seelied und mehr, Author: Bettina von Arnim
Title: Miles of Pebbles, Author: Nidhi Manchanda
Title: The Miracle and Other Poems, Author: Virna Sheard
Title: Rising With Splendour, Author: Gurnoor Kohli
Title: Free Air, Author: Joe Wenke
Title: Looking Up... While Lying Down: Thoughts, Poems, and Prayers for Those in the Hospital, Author: John E. Biegert
Title: Beautiful Life, Author: Mukesh Kumar Yadav
Title: S.H.E., Author: Tamara Hubacek
Title: Musings of Enkindled Heart, Author: Garima Yadav
Title: Nakadakish, Author: Scáth Beorh
Title: Poemas Para Ti, Author: M. T. Brettell
Title: Great Sonnets, Author: Paul Negri
Title: Meet Me Halfway, Author: Steven J. Javan
Title: Summer Isles, Author: David Tallach
Title: Invisible Women, Author: Zane Pinner
Title: The Flowers of Evil and Other Poems, Author: Charles P. Baudelaire
Title: Suffrage Songs and Verses, Author: Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Title: Torn Butterfly: A Collection of Poems, Author: Penny Xia
Title: All's Well That Ends Well (World Classics Shakespeare Series), Author: William Shakespeare
Title: Songs of a Lost Soul, Author: Scath Beorh

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