Title: As a Man Thinketh, Author: James Allen
Paperback $4.05 $4.50 Current price is $4.05, Original price is $4.50.
Title: On the Shortness of Life, Author: Seneca
Title: Meditations (Collins Classics), Author: Marcus Aurelius
Title: Apology, Author: Plato
by Plato
Title: Utopia, Author: Thomas More
Title: The Problems of Philosophy, Author: Bertrand Russell
Title: Fear and Trembling, Author: Soren Kierkegaard
Title: Existential Intentionality in Society: A Timeline Intervention of the Social Contract:, Author: Brian Taylor
Title: The Basis of Morality, Author: Arthur Schopenhauer
Title: The Age of Reason, Author: Thomas Paine
NOOK Book $4.19 $6.95 Current price is $4.19, Original price is $6.95.
Title: Rights of Man (Chump Change Edition), Author: Thomas Paine
Title: Pragmatism, Author: William James
Title: Die Krisis des europäischen Menschentums und die Philosophie: Eine Einleitung in die phänomenologische Philosophie: Die geschichtsphilosophische Idee und Der teleologische Sinn, Author: Edmund Husserl
Title: Laws, Author: Plato
by Plato
NOOK Book $4.19 $6.95 Current price is $4.19, Original price is $6.95.
Title: An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding, Author: David Hume
NOOK Book $4.19 $6.95 Current price is $4.19, Original price is $6.95.
Title: The Trial and Death of Socrates: Four Dialogues, Author: Plato
Title: Cartesianische Meditationen und Pariser Vorträge: Eine Einleitung in die Phänomenologie, Author: Edmund Husserl
Title: Euthydemus (Special Edition for Students), Author: Plato
Title: Raven Writer, Author: Ken Goudsward
Title: Über den Begriff der Zahl: Psychologische Analysen, Author: Edmund Husserl

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