Title: The Black Angels: The Untold Story of the Nurses Who Helped Cure Tuberculosis, Author: Maria Smilios
Title: I Wasn't Strong Like This When I Started Out: True Stories of Becoming a Nurse, Author: Lee Gutkind
Paperback $14.49 $15.95 Current price is $14.49, Original price is $15.95.
Title: Patho Phlash!: Pathophysiology Flash Cards / Edition 1, Author: Valerie I. Leek MSN
Title: Telephone Triage Protocols for Nurses / Edition 6, Author: Julie K Briggs RN
Title: The Language of Kindness: A Nurse's Story, Author: Christie Watson
Paperback $14.99 $17.00 Current price is $14.99, Original price is $17.00.
Title: Mosby's Essentials for Nursing Assistants, Author: Leighann Remmert MS
Title: And If I Perish: Frontline U.S. Army Nurses in World War II, Author: Evelyn Monahan
Title: Fast Facts on Combating Nurse Bullying, Incivility and Workplace Violence: What Nurses Need to Know in a Nutshell / Edition 1, Author: Maggie Ciocco MS
Title: An Educator's Guide to Humanizing Nursing Education: Grounded in Caring Science / Edition 1, Author: Chantal Cara PhD
Title: Certified Nurse Educator Review Book: The Official NLN Guide to the CNE Exam / Edition 2, Author: Linda Caputi MSN
Title: Strategies for Student Success on the Next Generation NCLEX® (NGN) Test Items, Author: Linda Anne Silvestri PhD
Title: Krause and Mahan's Food and the Nutrition Care Process, Author: Janice L Raymond MS
Title: Nurses of Post 122, Author: Theodora B. Aggeles
Title: Dermatologic Nursing Essentials: A Core Curriculum / Edition 3, Author: Noreen Nicol Ph.D
Title: E.R. Nurses: True Stories from America's Greatest Unsung Heroes, Author: James Patterson
Hardcover $22.99 $29.00 Current price is $22.99, Original price is $29.00.
Title: The Other End of the Stethoscope, Author: Marcus Engel
Title: From Silence to Voice: What Nurses Know and Must Communicate to the Public, Author: Bernice  Buresh
Title: Notes on Nursing: What It Is, and What It Is Not, Author: Florence Nightingale
Title: Notes on Nursing, Author: Florence Nightingale
Title: Body Mind Mastery: Training for Sport and Life, Author: Dan Millman

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