Title: Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald: Movie Magic, Author: Jody Revenson
Title: Trombones, Author: Bob Temple
Title: Tubas, Author: Bob Temple
Title: 101 More Music Games for Children: More Fun and Learning with Rhythm and Song, Author: Jerry Storms
Title: One Direction: Popular Boy Band, Author: Lucas Diver
Title: George Lucas: Cineasta y creador de Star Wars (George Lucas: Filmmaker & Creator of Star Wars), Author: Grace Hansen
Title: Pianos, Author: Pamela K Harris
Title: Listen Up!: Fostering Musicianship Through Active Listening, Author: Brent M. Gault
Title: In All Kinds of Weather, Kids Make Music!: Sunny, Stormy, and Always Fun Music Activities for You and Your Child (Teacher's Book), Book & CD, Author: Lynn Kleiner
Title: Drums, Author: Pamela K Harris
Title: Clarinets, Author: Pamela K Harris
Title: Cellos, Author: Kathryn Stevens
Title: Flutes, Author: Pamela K Harris
Title: Social Studies Readers Theatre for Children: Scripts and Script Development, Author: Mildred Knight Laughlin