Title: The General and the Jaguar: Pershing's Hunt for Pancho Villa: A True Story of Revolution and Revenge, Author: Eileen Welsome
Title: Black and Brown: African Americans and the Mexican Revolution, 1910-1920 / Edition 1, Author: Gerald Horne
Title: Codex Chimalpahin: Society and Politics in Mexico Tenochtitlan, Tlatelolco, Texcoco, Culhuacan, and Other Nahua Altepetl in Central Mexico, Volume 2, Author: don Domingo de San Anton Munon Chimalpahin Quauhtlehuanitzin
Title: Thread of Blood: Colonialism, Revolution, and Gender on Mexico's Northern Frontier / Edition 1, Author: Ana Maria Alonso
Title: Migra!: A History of the U.S. Border Patrol / Edition 1, Author: Kelly Lytle Hernandez
Title: Kuxlejal Politics: Indigenous Autonomy, Race, and Decolonizing Research in Zapatista Communities, Author: Mariana Mora
Title: Line in the Sand: A History of the Western U.S.-Mexico Border, Author: Rachel St. John
Title: The Zapatista Reader, Author: Tom Hayden
Title: Ambivalent Conquests: Maya and Spaniard in Yucatan, 1517-1570 / Edition 2, Author: Inga Clendinnen
Title: Delirio--The Fantastic, The Demonic, And The Reel, Author: Marie Theresa Hernandez
Title: River of Hope: Forging Identity and Nation in the Rio Grande Borderlands, Author: Omar S. Valerio-Jiménez
Title: Yucatan Before and After the Conquest, Author: Diego de Landa
Title: The Caste War of Yucatán: Revised Edition / Edition 1, Author: Nelson Reed
Title: Troublesome Border, Revised Edition / Edition 2, Author: Oscar J. Martinez
Title: Migra!: A History of the U.S. Border Patrol, Author: Kelly Lytle Hernandez
Title: The Journey of a Tzotzil-Maya Woman of Chiapas, Mexico: Pass Well over the Earth, Author: Christine Eber
Title: Shadows of Tender Fury, Author: Frank Bardacke
Title: Todos somos zapatistas!, Author: Maya  Lorena Perez Ruiz
Title: Borderline Americans: Racial Division and Labor War in the Arizona Borderlands, Author: Katherine Benton-Cohen
Title: Los pueblos de Milpa Alta, Author: Mette Marie Wacher Rodarte

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