Title: Slime: How Algae Created Us, Plague Us, and Just Might Save Us, Author: Ruth Kassinger
Title: Ocean Greens: Explore the World of Edible Seaweed and Sea Vegetables: A Way of Eating for Your Health and the Planet's, Author: Lisette Kreischer
Title: Handbook of Phycological Methods: Volume 4: Ecological Field Methods: Macroalgae, Author: Mark M. Littler
Title: Photosynthetic Pigments of Algae, Author: Kingsley S. Rowan
Title: Marine Algae in Pharmaceutical Science. Vol. 1, Author: Tore Levring
Title: Foodborne Parasites, Author: Ynes R. Ortega
Title: Intermediate Disturbance Hypothesis in Phytoplankton Ecology: Proceedings of the 8th Workshop of the International Association of Phytoplankton Taxonomy and Ecology held in Baja (Hungary), 5-15 July 1991, Author: Judit Padisïk
Title: The Protozoan Nucleus: Morphology and Evolution, Author: Igor B. Raikov
Title: Seaweeds: A Color-Coded, Illustrated Guide to Common Marine Plants of the East Coast of the United States, Author: C. J. Hillson
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Title: Identifying Marine Phytoplankton / Edition 1, Author: Carmelo R. Tomas
Title: Ecology of Protozoa: The Biology of Free-living Phagotropic Protists, Author: Tom Fenchel
Title: An Illustrated Guide to Benthic Marine Algae of Coastal North Carolina: Vol. 1: Rhodophyta, Author: Donald F. Kapraun
Title: Seaweed Sustainability: Food and Non-Food Applications, Author: Brijesh K. Tiwari
Title: Handbook of Phycological Methods: Developmental and Cytological Methods, Author: Elisabeth Gantt
Title: Microbial Ecology of a Brackish Water Environment, Author: G. Rheinheimer
Title: Heterotrophic Activity in the Sea, Author: Peter J.LeB. Williams
Title: Phytoplankton Ecology: Structure, Function and Fluctuation, Author: Graham P. Harris
Title: Microalgae: Biotechnology and Microbiology, Author: E. W. Becker
Title: Algal And Cyanobacteria Symbioses, Author: Martin Grube
Title: Advances in Algal Biology: A Commemoration of the Work of Rex Lowe / Edition 1, Author: R. Jan Stevenson

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