Title: Encyclopedia of Forensic and Legal Medicine, Author: Jason Payne-James Pre-Order Now
Title: Jane Austen: Family History / Edition 1, Author: Louise Ross
Title: The American West, Author: Gordon Morris Bakken
Title: Business Law Monographs (38 Volume Set) / Edition 4, Author: Stephen F. Black
Title: International Maritime Boundaries - 2 Volumes, Author: Jonathan I. Charney
Title: Community Customs Law: A Guide to the Customs Rules on Trade between the (Enlarged) EU and Third Countries, Author: Ben J.M. Terra
Title: Antitrust Report, Author: LexisNexis
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Title: Recent Developments in Law and Economics, Author: Robert Cooter
Title: International Tax Law, Author: Reuven S. Avi-Yonah
Title: Economics of Tax Law, Author: David A. Weisbach
Title: Global Health Law, Author: Gian Luca Burci
Title: Classics in Corporate Law and Economics, Author: Jonathan Macey
Title: Manual of the Terminology of the Law of Armed Conflicts and of International Humanitarian Organizations, Author: I. Paenson
Title: Economics of Health Law, Author: Ronen Avraham
Title: The Codex of Justinian 3 Volume Hardback Set: A New Annotated Translation, with Parallel Latin and Greek Text, Author: Fred H. Blume
Title: Economics of Antitrust Law, Author: Benjamin Klein
Title: The Coase Theorem, Author: Richard A Posner
Title: Clinical Negligence, Author: Dr Michael Powers KC
Title: Anti-Cartel Enforcement Worldwide 3 Volume Hardback Set, Author: Cambridge University Press
Title: economic justice, Author: Giorgio Brosio

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