Title: The Atlantis Riddle, Author: Kevin Tumlinson
Title: The Siege Winter: A Novel, Author: Ariana Franklin
Title: Raylan Goes to Detroit, Author: Peter Leonard
Title: La Legión Perdida, Author: Cïdric Daurio
Title: Dark Spirits: The Lemp Family:, Author: Candace Adams
Title: Plague, Author: C C Humphreys
Title: Worthy Brown's Daughter, Author: Phillip Margolin
Title: The Unvaccinated, Author: Michael Williams
Title: King of the Bootleggers, Author: Eugene Lloyd MacRae
Title: The Forsaken Inn, Author: Anna Katharine Green
Title: Traitor's Codex, Author: Jeri Westerson
Title: The Magdalene Scrolls, Author: Barbara Wood
Title: Saint Peter's Soldiers: A James Acton Thriller Book #14, Author: J Robert Kennedy
Title: Like Wolves: Como Lobos, Author: D.A. Vega
Title: The Wolf Hunters: A Tale Of Adventure In The Wilderness, Author: James Oliver Curwood
Title: The Leonardo Gulag, Author: Kevin Doherty
Title: The Murder of Marion Miley, Author: Beverly Bell
Title: The Bookworm, Author: Mitch Silver
Title: El jardín de los ciervos / The Deer Garden, Author: Patricio Sturlese
Title: An Army of One: A John Rossett Novel, Author: Tony Schumacher

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