Title: The Sixth Gun, Volume 4: A Town Called Penance, Author: Cullen Bunn
Title: The Rocketeer: The Complete Adventures, Author: Dave Stevens
Title: Surgeon X: The Path of Most Resistance, Author: Sara Kenney
Title: Wrapped Up in You (My Boyfriend Is a Monster Series #6), Author: Dan Jolley
NOOK Book $8.99 $9.99 Current price is $8.99, Original price is $9.99.
Title: The Few, Author: Sean Lewis
Title: Serenity, Volume 2: Better Days and Other Stories, Author: Joss Whedon
Title: Fatale, Book 4: Pray For Rain, Author: Ed Brubaker
Title: Black Science, Volume 5: True Atonement, Author: Rick Remender
Title: Spirit Hunters, Author: Joe Brusha Pre-Order Now
Title: Southern Cross, Volume 1, Author: Becky Cloonan
Title: Invisible Republic, Volume 3, Author: Gabriel Hardman
Title: Death: The High Cost of Living, Author: Neil Gaiman
Title: Sanctum Genesis, Author: Christophe Bec
Title: Angel: Aftermath, Author: Kelley Armstrong
Title: Red Sonja Omnibus, Volume 3, Author: Brian Reed
Title: Savage Highway, Author: Mathieu Masmondet
Title: Serenity: Those Left Behind, Author: Joss Whedon
Title: Incredible Change-Bots, Author: Jeffrey Brown
NOOK Book $7.49 $7.99 Current price is $7.49, Original price is $7.99.
Title: Decades: Marvel in the 10s - Legends and Legacy, Author: Brian Michael Bendis
Title: 30 Days of Night, Author: Steve Niles

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