Title: Little Nemo in Slumberland: 302+1 full-page weekly comic strips (October 15, 1905 - July 23, 1911), Author: Winsor McCay
Title: DO�A ISIDORA: A story of love, romance, betrayal and repentance, Author: Dorila a. Marting
Title: Planet Cosplay: Costume Play, Identity and Global Fandom, Author: Paul Mountfort
NOOK Book $173.99 $231.55 Current price is $173.99, Original price is $231.55.
Title: Comic Connections: Reflecting on Women in Popular Culture, Author: Sandra Eckard
Title: Bending Steel: Modernity and the American Superhero, Author: Aldo J. Regalado
Title: Marvel Masterworks: Marvel Two-in-One Vol. 2, Author: Bill Mantlo
Title: Weird Ghastly Horror: Forbidden Horror Comics of the 1950s, Author: Various Artists
Title: Cable: Soldier X, Author: David Tischmann
Title: Many More Lives of the Batman, Author: Roberta Pearson
Title: The Complete Alfred Bester's Stars My Destination, Author: Howard Chaykin
Title: Contexts of Violence in Comics / Edition 1, Author: Ian Hague
Title: Queer Visitors from the Marvelous Land of Oz: The Complete Comic Strip Saga, Author: L. Frank Baum
Title: Gypsy Omnibus, Author: Thierry Smolderen
Title: Stephen King's The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger: The Complete Graphic Novel Series, Author: Stephen King
Hardcover $134.94 $149.94 Current price is $134.94, Original price is $149.94.
Title: Superman and Comic Book Brand Continuity, Author: Phillip Bevin

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