Title: No Straight Lines: Four Decades Of Queer Comics, Author: Justin Hall
Title: The Invisibles Book Three, Author: Grant Morrison
Title: Rick and Morty Book Three, Author: Kyle Starks
Title: Batman and the Outsiders Vol. 3, Author: Mike W. Barr
Title: Menopause: A Comic Treatment, Author: MK Czerwiec
Title: DC's Greatest Hits Box Set, Author: Various
Title: Spider-Man: New Ways to Live, Author: Fred van Lente
Title: Murder on the Rockport Limited! (The Adventure Zone Series #2), Author: Clint McElroy
Title: Cloak and Dagger: Shadows and Light, Author: Bill Mantlo
Title: Prince Valiant, Volume 1: 1937-1938, Author: Hal Foster
Title: Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge:
Title: The Art of Uncharted 4, Author: Naughty Dog
Title: Tales of the Batman: Gerry Conway, Author: Gerry Conway
Title: Captain Harlock: The Classic Collection Vol. 3, Author: Leiji Matsumoto
Title: Lumberjanes to the Max Edition, Vol. 5, Author: Noelle Stevenson
Title: Lumberjanes To the Max Vol. 4, Author: Noelle Stevenson
Title: Space Battleship Yamato: The Classic Collection, Author: Leiji Matsumoto
Title: Catwoman by Jim Balent Book Two, Author: Chuck Dixon
Title: Peter Porker: The Spectacular Spider-Ham - The Complete Collection Vol. 1, Author: Tom Defalco
Title: Conan Chronicles Epic Collection: Out of the Darksome Hills, Author: Kurt Busiek

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