Title: The New Mutants: Superheroes and the Radical Imagination of American Comics, Author: Ramzi Fawaz
Title: The Supervillain Reader, Author: Robert Moses Peaslee
Title: Graphic Borders: Latino Comic Books Past, Present, and Future, Author: Frederick Luis Aldama
Title: Graphic Indigeneity: Comics in the Americas and Australasia, Author: Frederick Luis Aldama
Title: Comic Books and Comic Strips in the United States: An International Bibliography, Author: John Lent
Title: Remembered Reading: Memory, Comics and Post-War Constructions of British Girlhood, Author: Mel Gibson
Title: Prinz Eisenherz oder: Das Mittelalter in der Sprechblase: Das Bild von Ritter und Rittertum zwischen 1000 und 1200 in ausgewaehlten historisierenden Comics, Author: Hubert Mittler
Title: Calling All Superheroes: Supporting and Developing Superhero Play in the Early Years / Edition 1, Author: Tamsin Grimmer
Title: Heroines of Comic Books and Literature: Portrayals in Popular Culture, Author: Maja Bajac-Carter
Title: Ms. Marvel's America: No Normal, Author: Jessica Baldanzi
Title: Enter the Superheroes: American Values, Culture, and the Canon of Superhero Literature, Author: Alex S. Romagnoli
Title: Writing Queer Women of Color: Representation and Misdirection in Contemporary Fiction and Graphic Narratives, Author: Monalesia Earle
Title: Forging the Past: Seth and the Art of Memory, Author: Daniel Marrone
Title: Girls and Their Comics: Finding a Female Voice in Comic Book Narrative, Author: Jacqueline Danziger-Russell
Title: Comics and Language: Reimagining Critical Discourse on the Form, Author: Hannah Miodrag
Title: Graphic Novels for Children and Young Adults: A Collection of Critical Essays, Author: Michelle Ann Abate
Title: Reading Graphic Novels: Genre and Narration, Author: Achim Hescher
Title: The 10 Cent War: Comic Books, Propaganda, and World War II, Author: Trischa Goodnow
Title: Superheroes and Masculinity: Unmasking the Gender Performance of Heroism, Author: Sean Parson
Title: Considering Watchmen: Poetics, Property, Politics, Author: Andrew Hoberek

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