Title: International Maritime Boundaries - 2 Volumes, Author: Jonathan I. Charney
Title: Berlingieri on Arrest of Ships Volume I: A Commentary on the 1952 Arrest Convention / Edition 6, Author: Francesco Berlingieri
Title: The Rotterdam Rules: A Practical Annotation / Edition 1, Author: Yvonne Baatz
Title: Limitation of Liability for Maritime Claims / Edition 4, Author: Patrick Griggs
Title: The Law of Tug and Tow and Offshore Contracts / Edition 4, Author: Simon Rainey
Title: The Law of Ship Mortgages / Edition 2, Author: David Osborne
Title: P&I Clubs: Law and Practice / Edition 4, Author: David Semark
Title: Marine Cargo Insurance / Edition 2, Author: John Dunt
Title: Ship Registration: Law and Practice / Edition 3, Author: Edward Watt
Title: Bills of Lading, Author: Sir Richard Aikens
Title: Admiralty Jurisdiction and Practice / Edition 5, Author: Nigel Meeson
Title: Marine Insurance: Law and Practice / Edition 2, Author: Francis Rose
Title: Miller's Marine War Risks, Author: Michael Davey
Title: Contracts of Carriage by Air / Edition 2, Author: Malcolm Clarke
Title: International Carriage of Goods by Road: CMR / Edition 6, Author: Malcolm Clarke
Title: Maritime Fraud and Piracy / Edition 2, Author: Paul Todd
Title: Maritime Letters of Indemnity / Edition 1, Author: Felipe Arizon
Title: The Law of Shipbuilding Contracts, Author: Simon Curtis
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Title: International Law of the Sea and Marine Affairs: A Bibliography, Author: Nikos Papadakis
Title: Law of the Sea / Edition 1, Author: Hugo Caminos

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