Title: New Jersey Medical Malpractice Law 2023, Author: Jonathan H. Lomurro
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Title: Medical Malpractice Litigation: How It Works, Why Tort Reform Hasn't Helped, Author: Bernard  S. Black
Title: Surviving Your Doctors: Why the Medical System is Dangerous to Your Health and How to Get Through it Alive, Author: Richard S. Klein
Title: The Practice of Uncertainty: Voices of Physicians and Patients in Medical Malpractice Claims, Author: Stephen L. Fielding
Title: Adverse Events, Stress, and Litigation: A Physician's Guide, Author: Sara C. Charles
Title: Practicing Medicine in Difficult Times: Protecting Physicians from Malpractice Litigation / Edition 1, Author: Marjorie O. Thomas
Title: Medical Malpractice in Nineteenth-Century America: Origins and Legacy, Author: Kenneth De Ville
Title: Duty of Care in the Human Services: Mishaps, Misdeeds and the Law, Author: Rosemary Kennedy
Title: Nursing Malpractice: Liability and Risk Management / Edition 1, Author: Charles C. Sharpe
Title: Medical Malpractice on Trial, Author: Paul C. Weiler
Title: The Medical Malpractice Myth / Edition 1, Author: Tom Baker
Title: Preventing Malpractice: The Co-active Solution / Edition 1, Author: T.L. Leaman
Title: Killer Care: How Medical Error Became America's Third Largest Cause of Death, and What Can be Done About It, Author: James B. Lieber
Title: Anatomy of Medical Errors: The Patient in Room 2, Author: Donna Helen Crisp
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Title: Legal Aspects Of Health Care Administration / Edition 11, Author: George D. Pozgar
Title: Medical Self-Regulation: Crisis and Change / Edition 1, Author: Mark Davies
Title: The Medical Malpractice Handbook: The Plaintiff, Author: Bruce Livingston
Title: Connecticut Medical Malpractice, Sixth Edition, Author: Joyce A. Lagnese
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Title: Insuring Medical Malpractice / Edition 1, Author: Frank A. Sloan

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