Title: Porous Borders: Multiracial Migrations and the Law in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands, Author: Julian Lim
Title: Operation Gatekeeper and Beyond: The War On
Title: Illegal Immigration: A Reference Handbook, 2nd Edition: A Reference Handbook, Author: Michael C. LeMay
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Title: Documenting the Undocumented: Latino/a Narratives and Social Justice in the Era of Operation Gatekeeper, Author: Marta Caminero-Santangelo
Title: Reinventing the Republic: Gender, Migration, and Citizenship in France, Author: Catherine Raissiguier
Title: The HR Manager's Guide to Immigration Law, Author: James A Bach
Title: The Law Into Their Own Hands: Immigration and the Politics of Exceptionalism, Author: Roxanne Lynn Doty
Title: Run for the Border: Vice and Virtue in U.S.-Mexico Border Crossings, Author: Steven W. Bender
Title: Do No Harm: The U.S. Border Child Tragedy Continues, Author: Richard Villasana
Title: Hard Line: Life and Death on the U. S. - Mexico Border, Author: Ken Ellingwood
Title: La inmigracion y usted, Author: Mario M. Lovo
Title: Introducing Forced Migration, Author: Patricia Hynes
Title: Banned: Immigration Enforcement in the Time of Trump, Author: Shoba Sivaprasad Wadhia
Title: The Law that Changed the Face of America: The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, Author: Margaret Sands Orchowski
Title: Manual del sueño americano: La guía definitiva para invertir y migrar a Estados Unidos / The American Dream Manual, Author: Esteban Morano
Title: How to Get a Green Card, Author: Ilona Bray J.D.
Title: Dying to Cross: The Worst Immigrant Tragedy in American History, Author: Jorge Ramos
Title: Inmigración: Las nuevas reglas. Guía sobre ciudadanía e inmigración / Immigratio n: The New Rules, Author: Univision
Title: The Death and Life of Aida Hernandez: A Border Story, Author: Aaron Bobrow-Strain
Title: Forced Out: Migrant Mothers in Search of Refuge and Hope, Author: Susan J. Terrio

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