Title: The Absolute Only Way to Shop for a Part D Rx Plan in One Sure Step, Author: Mike Colson
Title: ADDICTION: Am I Powerless, Author: Emmanuel John
Title: Catalog of the Robert L. Sadoff Library of Forensic Pyschiatry and Legal Medicine, Author: Edward T. Morman
Cannabis legislation, a look around the world
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Title: The Hunters or the Hunted?: An Introduction to African Cave Taphonomy / Edition 1, Author: C. K. Brain
Title: Criminal Justice VS. Mental Health How A Mother Saved Her Son, Author: Rahima Sanders
Title: Harvard Law Review: Volume 127, Number 4 - February 2014, Author: Harvard Law Review
Title: Dworkin and His Critics: With Replies by Dworkin / Edition 1, Author: Justine Burley
Title: AIDS: Society, Ethics and Law / Edition 1, Author: Udo Schüklenk
Title: Uncertain Causation in Medical Liability, Author: Lara Khoury
Title: The Abortion Rights Controversy in America: A Legal Reader / Edition 1, Author: N. E. H. Hull
Title: Toxicology and Regulatory Process / Edition 1, Author: Sidney Green
Title: Making Sense of Advance Directives: revised edition, Author: Nancy M.P. King
Title: Unlocking Medical Law and Ethics 2e / Edition 2, Author: Claudia Carr
Title: THE PRO-LIFE PLAYBOOK: Understanding Pro-life Counters to Pro-Choice Arguments, Author: Jordan D. Groff
Title: The Dilemma of Federal Mental Health Policy: Radical Reform or Incremental Change?, Author: Gerald N. Grob
Title: Lethal Judgments: Assisted Suicide and American Law, Author: Melvin I. Urofsky
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Title: The Abortion Resource Handbook, Author: K. Kaufmann
Title: The Changing Federal Role in U.S. Health Care Policy, Author: Jennie Jacobs Kronenfeld
Title: Poison Eaters: Snakes, Opium, Arsenic, and the Lethal Show, Author: Richard M. Swiderski

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